We are a Japanese Marketing Company for E-Commerce

Greetings messege

Hello, thank you very much for visiting our website. We are a consulting firm specializing in EC, managed by a team of former consultants from major Internet shopping malls.

In recent years, large and foreign companies have been entering the Internet shopping mall market, and the barriers to entry for small and medium-sized companies have been getting higher and higher. In fact, the road to 100 million yen in annual sales on one’s own requires many financial mistakes to find the right management method for oneself.

However, with our support and know-how, we will do our best to help you run your store as failure-free as possible.

CEO of Bottleship Inc :Yosuke Sayama

Career Summary:
2012: Joined Rakuten, Inc. as EC consultant, won MVP of Rakuten Newcomer Award in 2013, consulted more than 400 stores, won 6 stores of Rakuten SOY (Shop of the Year) and 2 stores of Rakuten SOA (Shop of the Area).

In 2016, he became the managing director of Basalastar Inc. and managed a food e-commerce site.
→Increased sales by 67.31% during the year.

2017 President and Representative Director of Bottleship Inc. →Consulting for online stores.