We are a Japanese Marketing Company for E-Commerce

Outsourced e-commerce site operation

With our experienced EC management method,
We will make sure to increase continuous sales.

To be among the top 10% of the most successful companies in the highly competitive e-commerce market, you must have the right conditions for success in your online store.

1、The Know-how of E-commerce
2、Product Quality
3、Human resources to implement initiatives (Human Resource)
Product quality is the most important factor in e-commerce. Even if a company has product quality, it is impossible to increase sales if it does not have the know-how to operate an e-commerce store and the human resources to handle it. The reason for this is that many small- and medium-sized companies tend to have a separate main business, and are concurrently managing and operating an e-commerce site.

In the e-commerce industry, where the competition is always changing rapidly, it is possible to compete on the same footing by having the right products, know-how, and human resources.

In addition, in order to expand our EC business, we need staff with a wealth of marketing knowledge, web direction, web design, and other practical skills. Hiring a staff with all of these skills takes a lot of time and effort. And even if you spend the money to train them in-house, they often quit. In such a situation, we offer online store management services and propose operations that continuously increase sales and grow over the long term.

Service Overview

We can provide any and all services necessary to increase the sales of your e-commerce site. Our main services include

1、Operation duties
2、Sales promotion
3、Analysis and other operations
We cover the following areas. We do not provide customer support for areas that require product knowledge or other product expertise.

Main Business Areas

management task
  • Banner update
  • Creation of planning feature pages
  • Update product information
  • Seasonal feature page creation
  • API system updates
  • Periodic password updates
sales promotion services
  • Social Media Outreach
  • E-newsletter distribution
  • SEO Keyword Placement
  • Advertisement management
  • Creation of images for advertisements
  • Affiliate management
Analysis and other services
  • New Product Upload
  • Sales analysis + feedback
  • Other necessary operations
  • Opening a mall store on behalf of a customer
  • EC support system setup

We do not provide support for areas that require specialized product knowledge, such as customer support.

Our Strengths

Always improving, always moving forward

In a market that is actually exposed to competition, many companies try to find “winners” and “losers” in business (infinite game theory). This is fundamentally wrong by nature, and focusing on “going forward” or “going backward” is the way to increase sales.

Meticulous Communication

When we launch an initiative, when we launch a campaign, when a problem arises… we will strive to communicate and move forward in alignment no matter the situation.

Creation → Hypothesis → Execution → Verification → Structuring

We create and propose new ways for users to make purchases based on consumer behavior. We aim to be a company that constantly proposes new things and takes on new challenges.


In a constantly changing marketplace, past successes often become obsolete. And we will support you with accuracy and speed to start something new.

High Level Motivation Management, Focus and Objectivity

Throughout the year, there will always be quiet periods and tough situations with a steady decline. In these and other times of the year, we will always look up, use our creativity and wisdom, and move forward (together with our clients) with a high level of motivation to improve sales.

Sales Success Stories

Case study store:A (consulting and management agency)
Initial average monthly sales: approximately 300,000
Current monthly sales: approximately 5 million yen
Advertising cost used: 0 yen
Period of achievement: 2 years

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