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Site Design and Construction for Ecommerce


Recently, many major companies have entered the e-commerce market, and the web business, which used to be limited to their own domain names, is now expanding to other stores.

  1. Using your own domain and adding an ASP cart (Future shop, E-store, GMO, Tamago Repeat, Repist, etc.)
  2. First open a store on Yahoo Shopping with low financial risk
  3. Open a store on Amazon, which has the second lowest price but has a market
  4. Try Rakuten market, which has the largest market.
  5. As the sales started to increase, we opened stores in Wowma, Qoo10, Pompare Mall, etc. to expand our business to more malls.

In this way, we are challenging ourselves on many platforms. At the same time, there has been a rapid increase in the number of major companies that are preparing their e-commerce business systems. Many companies are not aware that there is a big difference in terms of design.

This is because a “good (or cool) site” is completely different from a “site that sells.

Once the demographics of the product (customer demographics) and the main users of the product are determined, the design must be constructed and assembled in accordance with the demographics. The reason is that if you pay a high price for a product and it does not sell, most people do not suspect that the design thinking may be different, and tend to blame the problem on the price, product quality, or promotion method. This is because the quality of design cannot be verified by numerical values.

Overview of our web design services

We do not focus on “good (or cool) sites” but on “sites that sell.

After careful discussions with the client, we create a personalized design (persona creation) for the main buyer demographic to solve the problem of a site that looks cool but does not sell. Our goal is to create a system that will help sales to rise steadily from the very beginning.

Main Business Areas

Project design and interviews
  • WBS Creation
  • Project Definition Documentation
  • Meeting
  • Interview Design
  • Management Strategy/Business Strategy Design
  • Segmentation and Targeting
  • Persona and targeting creation
Design and Coding
  • Overall Site Design
  • Screen Design
  • Design Briefing
  • Copywriting
  • Design parts and content creation
  • Development Briefing
  • Base Coding
  • Motion Design
  • Coding
  • CMS development
  • Log analysis settings
  • Search console settings
Testing, modification and maintenance
  • Release Meeting
  • Test release
  • Final confirmation by client
  • Response to requests
  • Browser check
  • Release planning
  • Closing meeting

Our Strengths

Always improving, always moving forward

In a market that is actually exposed to competition, many companies try to find “winners” and “losers” in business (infinite game theory). This is fundamentally wrong by nature, and focusing on “going forward” or “going backward” is the way to increase sales.

Meticulous Communication

When we launch an initiative, when we launch a campaign, when a problem arises… we will strive to communicate and move forward in alignment no matter the situation.

Creation → Hypothesis → Execution → Verification → Structuring

We create and propose new ways for users to make purchases based on consumer behavior. We aim to be a company that constantly proposes new things and takes on new challenges.


In a constantly changing marketplace, past successes often become obsolete. And we will support you with accuracy and speed to start something new.

High Level Motivation Management, Focus and Objectivity

Throughout the year, there will always be quiet periods and tough situations with a steady decline. In these and other times of the year, we will always look up, use our creativity and wisdom, and move forward (together with our clients) with a high level of motivation to improve sales.

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